Why Immunizations Are Important

Over time, better methods of sanitation, hygiene, and other living conditions decreased our risk and exposure to disease but immunizations have played a central role in the long-term decrease of diseases.

Dr. Raj Pai, Dr. Mary Ann Hicks, Dr. Sheila Mak, and Dr. Emily Jones can help patients manage their immunization schedules at their Clearwater, and Westchase, FL, offices.

What is an immunization?

Although the terms vaccinations and immunizations are used interchangeably, they're different parts of the same process, according to the CDC.

  • Vaccination: This part of the process is when medical professionals introduce your body to a dead or weak virus or bacteria to stimulate your immune system to produce immunity. Vaccines can be administered via injections, or by sprays in the mouth or nose.
  • Immunization: This is when a person has already received a vaccine and is protected from the disease.

Children need vaccines to reach immunity and per the CDC guidelines and schedules, there is an immunization schedule you can discuss with your Clearwater, and Westchase, FL, doctor.

Why immunizations are important

Immunizations protect you and those around you. Vaccines prevent infectious diseases that once killed thousands. Vaccines help you avoid expensive medical treatments, serious complications, and death.

People with impaired immune systems may be susceptible to diseases and may not be able to get vaccinations. These people might not develop immunity even if vaccinated. People around them need to get vaccinated to protect them from less common illnesses, according to Michigan Medicine.

Getting immunized costs less than receiving treatment for a disease. Immunizations also reduce the likelihood of an epidemic if a community is exposed to a disease.

Types of immunizations

  • Influenza (Flu)
  • Measles (MMR)
  • Meningitis (MenACWY/MenB)
  • Hepatitis B (HepB)
  • Rotavirus (RV)
  • Tetanus (DTaP)
  • Human Papillomavirus

Would you like to speak with a doctor?

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