Newborn Care - A Guide to New Parents

How your pediatricians in Clearwater and Westchase, FL, can help with newborn care

When you have a newborn, it’s only natural to lose a little sleep and be overwhelmed occasionally. The truth is, you can manage having a newborn and enjoy life too. It just takes a few simple steps to make your life a lot easier, and your pediatrician can help.

The pediatricians at Clearwater Pediatric Care in Clearwater, FL, and Westchase Pediatric Care in Westchase, FL, provide comprehensive medical care for children, including newborn care.

Let’s look at a few simple guidelines about newborn care:

Feeding your newborn–if you are breastfeeding, your baby will want to feed every 2 to 3 hours. If you are feeding your baby formula, your baby will feed every 3 to 4 hours.

Sleeping habits–newborns sleep at least 16 hours each day for the first few weeks. You should try to sleep when your baby sleeps, so you are well rested to care for your child. Remember to place your baby on his or her back for sleeping, to protect against breathing difficulties and sudden infant death syndrome.

Changing your newborn–your baby’s first bowel movements will be black and tarry, changing to dark green and then to yellow. This is normal. Talk with your pediatrician if your baby’s stool is red, because this could indicate blood in the stool.

Bathing your newborn–you should avoid bathing your baby too often because this can cause skin dryness. Use only mild soap and lukewarm water. Thoroughly cleanse your baby’s skin, including the folds of skin where bacteria can hide.

Remember that taking care of your newborn and taking care of yourself are the two most important activities you should be doing. Housework comes later. Don’t hesitate to seek out help from family and friends.

To learn more about caring for your newborn and how your pediatrician can help, call the pediatricians at Clearwater Pediatric Care in Clearwater, FL, at (727) 461-1543. You can also reach them at Westchase Pediatric Care in Westchase, FL, by calling (813) 818-1543, so call today!.

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