What are Pediatric Allergies?

Are you concerned about allergies with your child? We at Westchase Pediatric Care understand. Dr. Raj Pai services the Clearwater or Westchase, FL area and can consult with you and your child about your concerns.

What are Pediatric Allergies?

When the body’s immune system reacts to what it perceives as a threat, that is an allergic reaction. This perceived threat isn’t harmful but the body believes it to be. Some allergens are dust, mold, pollen, and others can be to food or medications.  Allergens in those who do not have allergies are not harmful, but for those that do have allergies the body reacts with mast cells releasing histamine. 

There can be common allergy symptoms and more extreme, serious allergic reactions.  They can happen anywhere that has immune system cells.

Common Allergy Symptoms

  • Itchy rash
  • Red dry skin
  • Red watery eyes
  • Hives

Serious Allergy Symptoms

  • Shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and asthma symptoms
  • Anaphylaxis with trouble breathing, low blood pressure, fainting, vomiting and diarrhea

Treatment for Pediatric Allergies?

Treatment options for allergies depend on the age and health of the child as well as what symptoms occur. Typically, there are three effective ways to treat allergies. Avoiding the allergen is one and generally most common. This means having no contact with the food, medicine, etc. that one is allergic to.  Immunotherapy or allergy shots is another useful treatment and can provide help especially if one has plant or pollen allergies. Lastly, there are allergy medications that can help. Using dehumidifiers may help, but you have to regularly keep it clean where there is no mold growth. Changing out your home's filtration system can also keep allergens at bay.

Pediatric allergies are usually not much for concern, but there are some allergic reactions that can be life-threatening. Get your child diagnosed and armed with proper treatment at Westchase Pediatric Care. Dr. Raj Pai can help patients learn more about pediatric illnesses and conditions. Call the pediatricians at Clearwater Pediatric Care in Clearwater, FL, at (727) 461-1543. You can also reach them at Westchase Pediatric Care in Westchase, FL, by calling (813) 818-1543, so call today.

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