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January 04, 2018
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If your child is in school, they may need to have an annual physical before beginning their school year. However, you may not know why school physicalthey need this doctor’s visit or how it can benefit them. Luckily, your child’s pediatrician can help you understand this requirement and ensure that your child’s health remains in tip-top shape. Find out more about school physicals and why they are necessary with your child’s pediatricians Dr. Raj Pai, Dr. Mary Ann Hicks, Dr. Pamela Kilbride or Dr. Sheila Mak at Clearwater Pediatric Care with locations in Westchase and Clearwater, FL.

What does a school physical involve? 
A child grows at a rapid pace, allowing for many changes within a single year. Annual visits to the doctor to assess your child’s growth and development ensures they develop at a normal rate and that any issues, physical or developmental, are caught and treated early. Your doctor will use a physical examination to assess your child and ask a series of questions to assess many aspects of your child’s health, including sleep, nutrition, and their general well-being. These visits also give your pediatrician the chance to catch your child up on any vaccines they may require that year.

Does my child need a school physical? 
Your child’s school will inform you if your child requires a school physical prior to the start of the school year. Younger children starting kindergarten will most likely require their 4/5 year vaccines at their physical. After starting school for the first time, your child will probably require a school physical every two years. Teenagers will also most likely need a physical every two years, but most schools require a yearly physical if the student plays a sport. Consult with your child’s school or coach to ensure that they are up to date on their school physical.

School Physicals in Clearwater and Tampa
For more information on school physicals, please contact your child’s pediatrician at Clearwater Pediatric Care. Call (727) 461-1543 to schedule your appointment at the Clearwater, FL location and (813) 818-1543 to schedule your appointment at the Westchase, FL location today!