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August 08, 2019
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If your child has expressed an interest in trying out for a school-sanctioned activity, generally the first step to getting them involved is to ChildVisitschedule a physical examination with their pediatrician. Sometimes called pre-participation physicals or simply physicals, these examinations are often required before your child can try out for an athletic activity at their school. Read on to learn why school physicals are so important, and contact Clearwater Pediatric Care in Clearwater and Westchase, FL, to schedule one!


What's involved with a school physical?

Physical examinations are fairly straightforward; during one, your pediatrician will make a record of your child's height and weight, as well as their blood pressure and heart rate. Their breathing, flexibility, strength, and joint movement will also be evaluated. A satisfactory examination will then be forwarded to your child's school. However, any issues that are detected may require further testing or special accommodations for your child.


Which activities require physicals?

The requirements set forth can vary by the school district, but in general, any sport or club that involves activity will require a physical before your child can try out. This includes sports such as basketball, football, and soccer, as well as cheerleading, dance team, and marching band. These physicals are only good for the duration of the school year, but they can be usually applied to more than one sports season (such as soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring).


Why are school physicals necessary?

Regular exercise is an important part of a child's development, but it's also imperative that it's done safely. A school physical from your pediatrician in either Clearwater or Westchase, FL will help ensure that your child doesn't have any underlying issues, such as asthma or a heart murmur, as these conditions could put them at risk for problems when they're out on the playing field. At the very least, a physical on file will give your child's doctor a yearly baseline from which to operate in case something would change with your child's health.


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