By Clearwater Pediatric Care
March 22, 2017
Tags: School Physicals  

Find out the importance of these physical examinations and why every child should have physicals

Your child is ready to enter school. You got their backpack and their pencils and all the notebooks they could possibly need, but did you forget something? Well, if your child hasn’t made a trip to visit one of our Westchase or Clearwater offices to see Dr. Raj Pai, Dr. Mary Ann Hicks, Dr. Pamela Kilbride or Dr. Sheila Mak for a school physical we are here to tell you why this should be on the top of your to-do list.

Visiting your children’s doctor regularly is a necessity and a vitally important part of keeping your children healthy. By establishing rapport with our doctors not long after birth, we can continue to track and monitor your child’s health and development so that if problems do emerge we can easily detect it.

Before your child even enters school, their school may want a list of the vaccines they have received. This is a major reason why visiting us routinely is especially important. Getting your child vaccinated is a crucial part of keeping them healthy and preventing serious and potentially deadly illnesses.

If your child is an aspiring athlete, it’s important that they are getting the care they need both on and off the field to prevent injury. By coming in for routine school physical examinations we can check for past injuries, injuries that didn’t heal properly or other health conditions that could affect their performance.

Growing athletes may also have very specific questions and needs regarding injury prevention, exercise regimens and nutrition. We can address all of your questions and concerns. Since children can often overtrain it’s important that you and your little one are taking the necessary precautions to prevent injury. These school physicals are just one way to ensure that your child remains healthy. Of course, you can also turn to us throughout the year for any questions you may have.

Call Westchase Pediatric Care in Westchase or our Clearwater office to get the quality care your child needs throughout their life. Call our office today to schedule their next physical.