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Telling the Difference Between Asthma and Allergies

When your child is dealing with allergies, you might find that it’s difficult for your child to breathe and that your child is wheezing often as well. Asthma can also Read More

Tips for Children With Asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition that can cause coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. Although it's difficult to control, Clearwater Pediatric Care in Clearwater and Westchase, FL, can help Read More

Why Your Child Needs an Asthma Action Plan

How your pediatricians in Clearwater and Westchase, FL, can help you and your child manage asthma symptoms If your child has asthma, you may feel powerless to stop an asthma attack. Read More

Signs Your Child May Have Asthma

It’s important to know the warning signs so you can act fast. Asthma is one of the most common chronic illnesses in children here in the US. Despite being quite common, Read More

Helping Your Child Live Well With Asthma

Childhood asthma is a serious lung condition. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says over six million kids in the US currently live with it. At Clearwater and Westchase Read More

FAQs about Asthma

When it comes to asthma, close monitoring at home, at a school physical and by your Westchase pediatrician, is key to managing this serious respiratory disease. At Clearwater Pediatric Care, Read More

Is Your Child Dealing With Asthma?

Though the words “chronic condition” are not something any parent wants to hear, childhood asthma is a problem that is both common and very manageable. If your child has been Read More

Signs Your Child May Have Asthma

What your pediatricians in Westchase and Clearwater want you to know It’s natural to want to protect your child and when you see your child having difficulty breathing, it can be scary. It Read More

Causes and Treating Asthma in Children

Does your child or wheeze or frequently complain of chest pain? Asthma might be the cause of his or her symptoms. The pediatricians at Clearwater and Westchase Pediatric Care in Read More

Get Help from Your Pediatrician

The Centers for Disease Control says that asthma accounts for 1.6 million visits to hospital emergency rooms in the United States annually. Overall, about eight percent of children suffer from Read More

Understanding Childhood Asthma

A common condition seen in kids and teens, asthma is a lung condition that causes trouble breathing and shortness of breath. During an attack, the bronchial airways become inflamed and Read More

Viewing 1 - 11 out of 11 posts

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