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The Importance of School Physicals

Find out why your child should visit the pediatrician once a year. So much can change when it comes to the health of your child that it’s important to keep Read More

Helping Your Child Live Well With Asthma

Childhood asthma is a serious lung condition. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says over six million kids in the US currently live with it. At Clearwater and Westchase Read More

Urgent Care: What to Expect

Urgent care clinics could ease your worries when your child needs urgent medical attention. Their primary goal is to provide urgent help in a timely and convenient way, making them Read More

Pediatric Hearing and Vision Screenings

Find out why children should get a regular hearing and vision screenings From the moment your child is born, doctors will begin to provide them with vaccines, screenings, and care they Read More

Does Your Child Have a Sinus Infection?

Could your child's lingering cold actually be a sinus infection? Your child's pediatricians at Clearwater and Westchase Pediatric Care can offer a diagnosis and provide treatments that will help your Read More

How to Know When Your Child Needs Urgent Care

At Clearwater Pediatrics in Clearwater, Tampa and Westchase, FL, our pediatricians provide urgent care for children when severe acute and/or chronic health problems can longer be ignored. What is urgent care? Urgent Read More

What Occurs During a School Physical

Find out why every child will need to undergo a physical before the new school year. By the time your child is old enough to go to school they will need Read More

Does Your Child Require Urgent Care?

When your child is fussy and feeling unwell, you should make a decision quickly: Where should I take my child? While many parents opt to go to the emergency room Read More

Helping Your Child Deal With The Allergies

Allergies cause all kinds of discomforts, not just seasonally, but year-round as well. Fortunately, if your child is dealing with allergies that give them a runny nose, sneezing, or watery Read More

FAQs about School Physicals

If your child has expressed an interest in trying out for a school-sanctioned activity, generally the first step to getting them involved is to schedule a physical examination with their Read More

FAQs about Asthma

When it comes to asthma, close monitoring at home, at a school physical and by your Westchase pediatrician, is key to managing this serious respiratory disease. At Clearwater Pediatric Care, Read More

The Importance of School Physicals

Does your child need a physical in order to participate in a sport? School physicals, offered by your Clearwater and Westchase, FL, pediatricians at Clearwater Pediatric Care and Westchase Pediatric Read More

Is Your Child Dealing With Asthma?

Though the words “chronic condition” are not something any parent wants to hear, childhood asthma is a problem that is both common and very manageable. If your child has been Read More

Childhood Allergy Symptoms and Treatments

Is your child suffering from allergies? Read below to learn the warning signs. From sneezing and coughing when playing outside to experiencing a stomach ache after eating certain foods, there are Read More

Caring For Your Newborn

The biggest, most joyful and scariest time of your life as a parent--yes, it's caring for your newborn. However, At Clearwater and Westchase Pediatric Care, your Clearwater and Westchase, FL, Read More

Is Your Child Dealing With Allergies?

Find out how to best manage your child’s allergy symptoms. Childhood allergies are actually pretty common. In fact, as many as 50 million Americans, including children, have some kind of allergy. Whether your Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 61 posts


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